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League Rules 2019/2020

01.All Divisions to play five singles games, each of three legs 501 flying start.  All 15 legs must be played for result to stand. Bust rule applies.


02.All Divisions to play 1 Pairs legs 701 flying start and 1 Threes leg 1001 flying start.  These legs combined will determine the winner of the pairs cup for each division at the

    end of the season.  Bust rule applies.


03.The points awarded in the Singles league shall be 2 points for a win.  Pairs and threes legs shall be one point per leg.


04.All Divisions: If a team is short prior to the start of the match they may use the OXO rule if desired.  The opposing team shall draw at random one player from the side which

    is short who shall be allowed to play twice in that match (their second game will be the fifth singles game that evening.)  This player cannot be replaced should another    

    team member turn up later.  Teams may use this rule once in any league game throughout the season in the SINGLES only.  Rule cannot be used in pairs or threes legs.


05.In all League Matches the Singles shall be played before the Pairs and Threes.


06.In League games, the Away Captain shall write their player on the score sheet first, followed by the Home Captain by way of an open draw. Teams for all Cup matches shall

    be drawn at random prior to the start of the match.


07.All Team Cup matches to be played over best of 25 legs.  Matches as drawn by committee. 501 flying start, 5 players each playing five legs, best of 25 legs in total.  Bust

    rule applies.


08.Singles Cup is 501 flying start best of 5 legs except final when best of 7 legs. (Entry fee £1 per player payable on night.) Losing player marks.  Bust rule applies.


09.Pairs Cup 701 flying start best of 5 legs except final when best of 7 legs. (Entry fee £1 per player payable on night.) Losing pair marks.  Bust rule applies.


10.If there is a tie at the end of the season a play-off will decide the outcome of any division.


11.Team Cups will be played over two legs up to the Semi Finals. All cup finals will be played on Finals Night.  Finals of Random Pairs, Pairs, Singles and Captains Cup will also be

    played on Finals Night.


12.Teams may register a maximum of 12 players.  New players may be registered on the night of a league game by recording the registration on the score sheet.  In respect of

    team cup games, new players must be registered 48 hours prior to the fixture by notifying the Secretary.  No new players may be registered after 31st January each year

    unless, at the discretion of the committee, a team can demonstrate that they need to register a player or players to enable them to fulfil their remaining fixtures, not

    merely to strengthen their team to gain an advantage.


13.No players may be de-registered during the first six weeks of the season.


14.No Registration fee shall apply. Teams to pay a match fee of £5 per team for all league games and team cup/shield matches (no match fees apply on finals night.)


15.All score sheets must be handed in by 2pm on Saturday afternoon to the Royal Exchange, the winning team is responsible to hand in the sheet and if it is late will lose all

    points gained in match.  Photos of sheets may be posted on the Facebook page, but sheet must still be at Royal Exchange on time.


16.Any disputes must be put in writing to the league secretary or handed in at the Royal Exchange by the Captain by 2pm on Saturday in a sealed envelope accompanied

    with a £5 deposit, returnable if case is proven.  Any disciplinary action arising from such a dispute shall be at the discretion of the Committee.


17.Gambling will be strictly forbidden; any person found to be gambling would be disqualified from the league.


18.Any player caught using foul and abusive language to any committee member will be expelled from the Barnstaple Mens Darts League.


19.Any team failing to fulfil any 2 matches in one season will be expelled from the league.


20.No player under the age of 15 will be permitted to play in the league.


21.All league and cup games must be played on the date set by the committee, unless secretary is informed 7 days prior in writing and the game is rescheduled within 4 weeks

    of original date.


22.Teams to inform secretary in writing if change of captain or venue in current season.


23.The team with the highest points of the season will be the holders of the cups, for a period of 12 months.  The winning captain/landlord must sign at the leagues

    presentation evening and be held responsible for the up keep of the trophy and return to the league in a clean state.  If any damage occurs to the trophy within this time

    the captain/landlord will be asked to pay for any repairs or cleaning cost incurred.


24.All league games are scheduled to start at 8pm.  Play must start no later than 8.15pm and late starts must be reported to secretary.  Continuous play must be

    maintained. If the next player is not on the premises when due to play the opposing Captain may, unless agreed otherwise, claim that game.  The Away Team must be

    allowed on the matchboard 10 minutes before the scheduled start time.


25.Proxy votes are forbidden at AGM and committee meetings.


26.If a team or teams drop out of the league or is expelled during the season all records will be deleted and no money will be refundable.


27.Score sheets must be completed correctly with names printed in full and must be in pen not pencil (180-date-result-highest out shot) and signed by both captains; all score

    sheets in pencil will be void.


28.In all League and Cup matches the player winning the bull shall throw first in all odd-numbered legs (1, 3, 5, etc). The home player shall throw for bull first.


29.The throwing position (this can be a raised oche, mat, tape or other marking) must be clearly indicated on the floor at a distance of 7'9¼" from the board.  If no such

    marking is present, the away team will be entitled to claim the game.


30.Bust rule shall apply in all matches.


31.The home team must provide the Scorer, and each score is to be written down before being deducted from the total, if an electronic scoring device is not used.


32.Martin Kent Memorial Cup is 301 double start (nb: you must start on double five) best of 3 legs (Entry fee £1 per player payable on night – proceeds to North Devon



33.Both Captains and Vice Captains are eligible to enter the Captains Cup.


34.180s and high outshots will only count in league games towards the most 180s and high outshot trophies.

Last updated on 12 September 2019

alterations are shown in bold red type.